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Chemistry (BS)

As a Chemistry major, you will learn the fundamentals of chemical theory and practice through scientific investigation, laboratory experience and research opportunities.

All Chemistry students will take core courses in chemistry, physics and mathematics.

Chemistry faculty members conduct research projects that are funded through government, foundation and industry grants, providing you with multiple opportunities to gain hands-on research experience. Being in Chicago also allows you to attend many scientific conferences hosted in the city throughout the year.

The Department of Chemistry offers a rigorous training in the chemical sciences to its majors, many of whom go on to pursue advanced degrees in the field or other professions such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and law. Chemistry students are encouraged to pursue research opportunities in the department to enhance their undergraduate education.

Upper-level course work for Bachelor of Science students usually begins after completion of the undergraduate common core. In addition, course requirements in the Liberal Studies Program and the College of Science and Health must also be completed before the degree is conferred. The Bachelor of Science degree carries certification by the American Chemical Society, the department's national accrediting body.