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Chemistry Faculty & Staff


  • Gwen Baumann

    Gwen Baumann

  • Amanda E. Baum-Wagner

    Amanda E. Baum-Wagner

  • Timothy French

    Timothy French

    • Assistant Professor; Physical Chemistry, Chemistry and Physics Education
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  • Kyle A. Grice

    Kyle A. Grice

    • Assistant Professor, Inorganic Chemistry
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  • Graham Griffin

    Graham Griffin

    • Assistant Professor, Physical Chemistry
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  • Lihua Jin

    Lihua Jin

    • Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Department Chair
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  • Caitlin E. Karver

    Caitlin E. Karver

    • Associate Professor, Medicinal Chemistry
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  • Gregory B. Kharas

    Gregory B. Kharas

    • Professor, Organic and Polymer Chemistry
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  • John J. Kozak

    John J. Kozak

  • Justin J. Maresh

    Justin J. Maresh

    • Associate Professor, Biochemistry
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  • Richard F. Niedziela

    Richard F. Niedziela

    • Associate Dean for Administration, the College of Science and Health; Associate Professor, Physical Chemistry
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  • Ruben D. Parra

    Ruben D. Parra

    • Director of the Office for Teaching, Learning and Assessment, Professor, Computational Chemistry
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  • Charles Rubert Perez

    Charles Rubert Perez

  • Richard Schraufnagel

    Richard Schraufnagel

  • Quinetta D. Shelby

    Quinetta D. Shelby

    • Associate Professor, Inorganic Chemistry; Director of Graduate Studies
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  • Cathrine A. Southern

    Cathrine A. Southern

    • Associate Professor, Biophysical Chemistry
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  • Thomas Speltz

    Thomas Speltz

  • Paul Vadola

    Paul Vadola

    • Assistant Professor, Organic Chemistry
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  • Wayne Whipple

    Wayne Whipple

  • Wendy S. Wolbach

    Wendy S. Wolbach

    • Professor, Inorganic Chemistry, Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry
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