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Timothy French

  • Associate Professor
  • ​PhD
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • ​Physical Chemistry, Chemistry Education and Physics Education

  • Full-time Faculty
  • ​Physical Chemistry, Chemistry Education and Physics Education

  • (773) 325-7322
  • ​McGowan South 321A
Classes Taught
  • CHE100 (Our Chemical World)
  • CHE130 (General Chemistry I)
  • CHE131 (General Chemistry I Laboratory)
  • CHE132 (General Chemistry II)
  • CHE133 (General Chemistry II Laboratory)
  • CHE134 (General Chemistry III)
  • CHE135 (General Chemistry III Laboratory)
  • CHE141 (University Chemistry I Laboratory)
  • CHE143 (University Chemistry II Laboratory)
  • CHE144 (University Chemistry III)
  • CHE145 (University Chemistry III Laboratory)
  • CHE302 (Quantum Chemistry)
  • CHE303 (Experimental Physical Chemistry I)
  • CHE304 (Thermochemistry)
  • CHE305 (Experimental Physical Chemistry II)
  • CHE306 (Kinetics and Statistical Mechanics)
  • CHE307 (Experimental Physical Chemistry III)
  • CHE490 (Advanced Probability and Statistics)
  • LSP120 (Mathematical and Technical Literacy I)
Research Interests

Dr. French is interested in determining the characteristics of expert problem solving and assessing problem-solving ability in introductory chemistry students. He is also interested in how students compartmentalize concepts related to the universal idea of energy. Very often students segregate certain energy topics to chemistry (e.g., heat, temperature) and others to physics (e.g., translational kinetic energy), whereas experts view these topics as connected at a deeper level. The French group would like to better understand and pinpoint the conceptual barricades students put in place in order for instructors to efficiently and effectively break them down and increase learning.

Professional Activities
  • General Chemistry Committee
  • Chemistry Assessment Committee
  • Chemistry Graduate Committee
  • CSH Assessment Committee
Professional Society Memberships
  • American Chemical Society
  • American Association of Physics Teachers