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DEI Statement

You belong here. You have opportunities here. You can thrive here. You have support here. You are important here – here in DePaul's Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

DePaul's mission is to uphold the “dignity of all members of its diverse, multi-faith, and inclusive community" through its “dedication to making education accessible to all, with special attention to including underserved and underrepresented communities." Diversity, equity, and inclusion are inherent in the university's mission and that of our department. We know that we must be proactive participants to affect positive change.

As stewards of DePaul and as fellow human beings, we want to connect with you. We want to remove communication barriers that often exist among different cultures, be they ethnic, religious, or generational. We acknowledge that chemistry can often seem, or be, unwelcoming. We want to help you feel comfortable in our shared spaces. We value the strengths you bring, as yourself, to the classroom, to office hours, to the research lab, and to the departmental community.

As instructors, educating all our students is our top priority. Chemistry is challenging, and our community can help you meet the challenge. We know that everyone learns differently. We understand that you may be balancing several responsibilities that may impact your performance and participation in class. We may not be aware of your personal difficulties, but we are invested in your success. We are committed to providing and directing you to resources that can help you successfully navigate the college experience. We are here for you, the students. You remain the focus of our mission.