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Chemistry (MS)

The mission of this program is to educate students in the theory and ethical practice of chemistry within the framework of the scientific method, and to provide students with a context for appreciating the history of chemistry and its societal applications.

DePaul’s Master of Science in Chemistry is designed to prepare students for advanced work in the field of chemistry or biochemistry and for further graduate study.

DePaul’s program provides both thesis and non-thesis options:

  • Thesis students must write a thesis based on a research project and pass a two-part oral exam.
  • Non-thesis students must select an area of specialization from four concentrations, including standard, analytical/physical chemistry, biochemistry/medicinal chemistry, or synthetic chemistry.

Students take core classes in advanced inorganic chemistry, advanced biochemistry, advanced organic chemistry, and advanced physical chemistry as well as special topics in these areas in addition to analytical chemistry.  Other courses, depending on the student’s chosen track, can range from drugs and toxicology to advanced quantum mechanics to applied spectroscopy.

Students who are interested in specializing in polymers and coatings may want to consider the department's Master of Science in Polymer and Coatings Science program.

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