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Honors Celebration

Each spring, the College of Science and Health (CSH) honors select undergraduate seniors for their academic and co-curricular achievements at the annual CSH Honors Celebration. This celebration is traditionally held a few weeks before Commencement. Honored seniors and their families, CSH deans, department chairpersons, and advising staff recognize outstanding academic performance, exceptional community service, and meaningful accomplishments in research. ​​

Below is a list of awards presented during the 2023 celebration.  Congratulations to all students for their extraordinary academic achievements.

Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award

The Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award seeks to acknowledge excellence in undergraduate student research in the CSH. This award has been established to honor one CSH undergraduate senior who conducts exceptional research, articulates his or her research to others, and enhances the DePaul mission in integrating research into the student academic learning experiences. Students may be nominated by DePaul faculty, staff, a fellow student, or may submit a self-nomination. ​

2023 Recipient - Kate Petralia, Environmental Science and Studies

Outstanding Community Service Award

The Outstanding Community Service Award seeks to acknowledge one CSH undergraduate senior who has made meaningful and significant contributions to the betterment of society through their involvement in community service. This award will be awarded to one student who is truly distinguished through individual community service efforts or efforts made as a member of a group or society. The recipient of this award has made a significant contribution to our institution's culture of service, further establishing and strengthening the Vincentian mission and DePaul University's commitment to service. Students may be nominated by faculty, staff, a fellow student, or may submit a self-nomination. 

2023 Recipient - Kathlyn Etyem, Psychology

Walter A. Pranger Award

The Walter A. Pranger Award is given each year to a mathematics undergraduate major with outstanding performance in upper-level coursework as well as significant contributions to the intellectual life of the department.

2023 Recipient - Rachel Taylor, Mathematical Sciences

Faculty Mentor of the Year Award

The College of Science and Health acknowledges a CSH professor who regularly goes above and beyond his or her duties and responsibilities to mentor undergraduate students. The SGA representatives in the College of Science and Health award a professor who excels in being available, helpful, clear, and supportive and whose commitment to mentoring students should be recognized by the CSH as well as the university community. Model educators truly challenge and prepare students inside and outside of the classroom and lab for a future in the fields of science and health. 

2023 Recipient - Dr. Emily Barnard​, Mathematical Sciences

Student of the Year Awards

The faculty from each CSH academic department with an undergraduate program selects its student of the year. The chairperson and faculty from each respective department determine its own nomination and selection process. 

2023 Recipients

Amanda Mirczuk, Biological Sciences                                                     Tessa Lusis, Neuroscience

Jigisha Gohel, Chemistry and Biochemistry                                        Mahmood Shah, Neuroscience 

Andreas Harris, Environmental Science and Studies                       Kathryn Griggs, Physics and Astrophysics 

Morgan Cox, Health Sciences                                                                     Naomi Shechter, Physics and Astrophysics 

Kathryn Griggs, Mathematical Sciences                                                Sabah Nanlawala, Psychology

Dean's Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement

The CSH recognizes undergraduate seniors who are graduating with an exceptional cumulative DePaul GPA, and who have been able to consistently maintain it during their time at the university.

In DePaul University's 2023 Graduating Class, 164 CSH graduating seniors earned at least a 3.75 cumulative GPA by the start of spring quarter. Students were awarded an honors cord and certificate of achievement signed by the Dean of the College of Science and Health - Dr. Stephanie Dance-Barnes.


Note: Faculty/staff submitting nominations for the Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award or the Outstanding Community Service Award and students submitting nominations for the Faculty Mentor of the Year Award should contact the CSH Office of Advising and Student Services via email at For general questions about other Honors Celebration awards or the banquet itself, please email