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Frequently Asked Questions by Newly Admitted Grad Students

Your first step is to complete the Intent to Enroll form. Submitting this form notifies the College of Science and Health and the Office of Graduate Admission that you intend to enroll at DePaul for the quarter stated in your admission notification. You will receive an email acknowledging that your student record has been activated within one to two business days.

Degree-seeking students should consult their admission packet or program website for information on course selection and sequence. If this information was not included, students should contact their department's graduate program director or the Office of Graduate Admission at (773) 325-7315 or for assistance.

If you are a newly admitted non-degree student or a student-at-large, contact the graduate student services administrator in the College of Science and Health's Office of Advising and Student Services at (773) 325-8490 or for assistance.

Current students should follow their progress toward degree via the Degree Progress Report (DPR) found under the 'For Students' tab in Campus Connect. In addition view the Course Catalog for specific program and course detail.

In most cases, your advisor is the director of your graduate program. However, depending on your program, there may be exceptions. Please contact your department to determine who your advisor will be. If you are a non-degree seeking student or a student-at-large, your advisor is the graduate student services administrator in the College of Science and Health's Office of Advising and Student Services. You may contact the administrator by calling (773) 325-8490 or emailing for assistance.
The date on which you can register for courses is determined by the university. You will receive an email from DePaul indicating the date on which registration begins. You can also view your registration appointment in the Student Center section of your Campus Connect by selecting "Enroll," and then selecting the term for which you would like to enroll. 
You will register online through Campus Connect by simply following the prompts to register for your first term. Please note that some programs will register you for your first term as a DePaul graduate student, so please check with your program office for specifics regarding course registration. After you have registered for classes, you may then obtain your student ID, email and U-Pass from one of the ID Card Services Offices.
You can find your Campus Connect user ID and initial password in an email that was sent to you upon admission. If you have misplaced or discarded that email, you may also obtain your user ID and password by contacting the Technology Support Center at (312) 362-8765. Obtaining your user ID and password is the first step in registering for classes and accessing information and resources made available to admitted students through DePaul's Campus Connect. If you are interested in obtaining your user ID and password by visiting one of  DePaul's ID Card Services Offices, please visit the Information Services website for more information.
After you have registered for classes, you may obtain a photo ID card and DePaul email account. The ID card functions as a library card and is required for entry into some buildings and computer labs. To obtain your ID card, you will need to visit one of the ID Card Services Offices.

All students are provided a free DePaul email account. Accounts can be created and accessed at Free online training for your email account, is available from Media Production and Training.

Students who are enrolled full-time may be eligible for a U-Pass, which greatly reduces the cost of rides on the CTA. All eligible students are automatically enrolled in the program and are responsible for picking up the U-Pass and paying the CTA fee. Eligibility is determined based on your academic program, credit hours, and course locations as it appears on your registration. For more information, please visit the U-Pass website at
Unlike semesters, which are typically 15-16 weeks in length, DePaul's quarters are ten weeks in length, occurring in the autumn, winter, spring and summer. Quarters are only ten weeks in length, with one week dedicated to final exams. Many of our students find the quarter system challenging and worthwhile, mimicking the speed of the real world as quarters tend to progress rapidly.  Be sure to refer to the Academic Calendar for important deadlines and dates.

You may contact Student Financial Accounts for questions and more information about tuition and billing.

You should update any changes to your contact information in Campus Connect. To change your name or correct your Social Security Number, date of birth or gender, please visit the University Registrar website.
Classroom assignments are posted on your schedule by the start of the academic quarter. You can view this information through the Student Center section in Campus Connect. Select "Enroll," then click on the desired term, then click "continue." Your courses, as well as classroom locations, will be listed once the information is available. Classroom assignments are also located on the bulletin boards of all academic buildings on the first day of classes.
The Office of Financial Aid is your resource for answering questions and finding information about financing your graduate degree.
Some programs offer scholarship opportunities and/or graduate assistantships. Please contact your department directly for more information.
While we do not provide a student health insurance plan, we encourage students to explore their options in the Healthcare Marketplace and work with local community organizations to provide support. This website provides information on a variety of Affordable Care Act compliant health insurance plans, as well as enrollment for Medicaid, if you qualify. Open enrollment for plans under the Affordable Care Act begins November 1st, but you may qualify to enroll now under the “Special Enrollment” provision. For detailed information, visit

Admitted international students seeking an F-1 or J-1 student visa must submit the following documents:

  • a copy of the identification page of your passport,
  • a complete Financial Affidavit of Support Form (available online after admission),
  • and original financial documents showing your ability to afford tuition and living expenses (through personal expenses or a sponsor). Please note that the Financial Affidavit of Support Form and original bank statement verifying the availability of funds cannot be more than six months old. In addition, all documents must be written in English or accompanied by an official translation. Promissory notes or employers statement of estimated earnings will not be accepted.

If you are currently in F-1 visa status and attending another school, college, university or English language program in the U.S. and are admitted to DePaul University, you must receive a new DePaul I-20 form and must submit the following documents in addition to the documents listed above: 

  • a copy of your current or expired student visa page of passport,
  • a copy of the front and back of your I-94 card,
  • a copy of your current or previous I-20 form ,
  • a completed Transfer Release Form (provided upon admission),
  • and a copy of EAD card if you are currently on OPT.

You must receive your new DePaul I-20 within 60 days of completing your studies at your current institution. The documents outlined above are not requirements for admission but are necessary for the issuance of your I-20 form. Please note that I-20 forms can only be issued to students who are accepted to DePaul in a full-time, degree-seeking program.

Once a student is accepted, the Office of Graduate Admission will send each student an email listing the next steps to take, the specific documents you will need to submit in order to obtain your I-20 or DS-2019, as well as the website to which you may log on and submit all of the required documents. All admitted students are encouraged to submit their documents online. If you are unable to do so, you may email your documents to our office at

Further instructions on how to proceed with your application to DePaul University, how to obtain health insurance, and other important information can be found at the International Student & Scholar Services (OISS)