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Health Requirements

​​​​​​​​​Welcome, students! 

As new speech language pathology students, we want to ensure you know the health requirements, drug screenings, background checks, and training modules you must complete before starting the program. The health requirements are the necessary steps to protect yourself and the health of those to whom you will be providing care as a student clinician. 

Please review the health requirements handbook, including a SLP Health Requirements Checklist.pdf and FAQs. If you have any other questions or concerns about CastleBranch or Health Requirements, please get in touch with Ale Carrera at We look forward to seeing you on campus soon!


An antibody titer is a blood test that measures your immunity. Some people lose their immunity to the vaccinations they were given or did not mount enough of an immune response to the immunizations they received. If results state “Low to no immunity”, you can be vulnerable to acquiring the disease. Then, in turn, you have the potential to pass it on to clients with whom you are in contact. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations form the basis of our titer guidelines.

Yes, as a future DePaul Speech and Language Pathology Clinician, you must complete all the titers and immunizations to ensure your safety and the safety of the clients with whom you will engage throughout screenings, clinic, and externships. Failure to comply with the titers will prevent you from seeing any clients, and as a result, will cause you to delay graduation.

a. See a list of suggested sites at the bottom of this website: Healthcare Sites

b. We also suggest CVS Minute Clinic or Walgreen Clinic as they can schedule within the same week.

c. Contact your health insurance's customer service to help locate other clinics that accept your insurance.

If you miss or postpone the deadline, it will be difficult for you to register for classes at the start of the quarter. If you are not able to schedule an appointment sooner, please see the list of healthcare clinics that may accept your health insurance or provide services on a sliding basis.

If you completed a titer or test, then ensure that document includes the collection date, immunization’s name, and your name.

If you completed a vaccine dose/booster, then ensure the documentation includes the immunization’s name, collection date, your name and lot number.

If all the information is already provided, but it is still rejected contact Ale Carrera at

No, we need recent proof of your immunity to interact with clients in the screenings, clinic, or externships. Please follow up with a healthcare provider or nurse practitioner about the next steps in building your immunity for that specific immunization. After 30 days of completing the vaccination/booster, follow up for a second titer.

No, there is a possibility that you might have built immunity with previous exposure. Furthermore, CastleBranch will only accept the titers first before accepting documents of any dose of the vaccine series that you are administering.

You need to upload the first dose on CastleBranch before the due date. Afterward, CastleBranch generates a new due date to upload for each dose(s).

After you complete the vaccine series, set up an appointment after 30 days to complete a follow-up titer, we need to ensure that you have built enough immune response to the immunizations.

Please get in touch with a medical provider or nurse practitioner. Our staff cannot give any medical advice on these immunizations. If there is a medical reason that you cannot administer the titers, please follow up with the Assistant Office Manager and Director of Clinical Education.

It would be best if you had a clean drug screening before starting classes at DePaul. Please see your healthcare provider assist you in managing your health, resulting in a clean drug screening. If you cannot complete this on time, please follow up with Ale Carrera at asap.

You will need to place a second order through CastleBranch (package: DB76DT), which will cost is $37. Once you purchase this, please follow the directions to complete your second drug test.

If you are a dependent on another’s plan, contact your health insurance provider to obtain a confirmation letter that you are under the health benefit plan. Upload this letter along with a copy of the health insurance document as a single file.

Students must select their current residence’s address regardless of state. The criminal background check will review all of the student’s residential history.

We recommend visiting your local library or the DePaul University’s Library to print the forms from CastleBranch.