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Community Resources

​​​​​​​Topics on Hearing, Speech & Language

 Untreated Hearing Loss in Adults

​Early Intervention & COVID 19

 The Role of Health Care SLPs in COVID19 Recovery

Summer Skill Building, Hearing Protection for School-Aged Children

​​​Parent Tool Kit: Developmental Milestones​

Here is a free toolkit for parent on the communication skills that they should expect to see in their child by age and tips for how to support their child's development through daily reading. The toolkit was developed by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and Read Aloud 15 MINUTES.

Download each handout by age below. All handouts are available in English and Spanish.

Note about communication development: Children develop at their own pace. These flyers show the average ages when most children have developed these skills. Your child might not have all skills until the end of the age range.

Ages Birth-3 months (English)
Ages Birth-3 months (Spanish)

Ages 4-6 months (English)
Ages 4-6 months (Spanish)

Ages 7-12 month (English)
Ages 7-12 month (Spanish)

Ages 1-2 years (English)
Ages 1-2 years (Spanish)

Ages 2-3 years (English)
Ages 2-3 years (Spanish)

Ages 3-4 years (English)
Ages 3-4 years (Spanish)

Ages 4-5 years (English)
Ages 4-5 years (Spanish)

​​Communication for a Life Time​

 Communication for a Lifetime: The American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) offers information to consumers on all topics related to speech, language, swallowing, hearing and balance. Here are just some of the topics and links you can find on the ASHA website: