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What to Expect (Students)

  • ​​Students should wear comfortable, business casual attire. Lab coats and scrubs are not required. 
  • Students should arrive no later than 10:15​​am. Upon arrival, students should collect their name card from the designated check-in table. Students will be asked to line up in alphabetical order for the procession.
  • When choosing a pinner, students should consider someone who made an impact on their educational journey or their decision to be a nurse. The School of Nursing recommends choosing one person as your designated pinner. Should the person you choose to pin you need special accommodations, please let the School of Nursing know as soon as possible. 
  • Students do not have to bring anything to the event. Upon check in, students will be given a note card with their name on it. They will hand this to the appropriate faculty member during the procession of candidates as they cross the stage to ensure that the correct name is announced.