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Ticket Information

Ticket Distribution

Tickets will be distributed directly to each student who is expecting to graduate midway through the final quarter.

Ticket distribution for LPC students graduating in Winter Quarter (March 19) will be held on January 19, 2018 at the LPC Student Center room 120, time TBA. Students will receive additional information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are tickets required to attend the event?

Y​es, tickets are required for guest attendees.

Does my baby/toddler need a ticket?

Any persons intending to use a seat will need a ticket​.

Do I, the student, need a ticket?

No, all ​students will have reserved seating for the event.

Does the person I choose to pin me need a ticket?

Yes​, with the exception of DePaul faculty members, who have reserved seating.

What if I need more tickets?

Students may give unused tickets to their peers, so first check with your peers.
In the event that the School of Nursing has unclaimed or extra tickets, we will send additional information to students.​

What happens if I don’t have a ticket for a guest?

Guests who cannot present a ticket at the event will not be able to enter the venue. After the procession of students, should seats still be available, un-ticketed guests may be able to attend as space allows.​

What if I don't need all of my tickets?

You are welcome to return any unneeded tickets to the School of Nursing. Students are also free to trade their tickets with their peers.​