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Liberal Studies Requirements

Honors program requirements can be found in the individual Colleges & Schools section of the University Catalog. Select Academics, followed by Undergraduate, then Honors Program Alternative.

First Year Program

Chicago Quarter

Focal Point


Quantitative Reasoning & Technological Literacy

  • Not required

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

  • Experiential learning required

Senior Year

Learning Domains

Arts and Literature

  • 3 AL courses Required

Philosophical Inquiry

  • 2 PI courses required**

Scientific Inquiry

Social, Cultural, and Behavioral Inquiry

  • 1 course required (must not be an ECO course)

Religious Dimensions

  • 2 RD courses required***

Understanding the Past

  • 2 UP courses required

* Students must earn C- or better in this course.

** PHL 248/MGT 248 is required in PI or REL 228/MGT 228 is required in RD.

Specified required courses within Liberal Studies may have grade minimums (e.g. C- or better). Please consult your advisor or your college and major requirements.​