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Health Sciences (BS)

DePaul's Health Sciences program offers a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences degree, in which students select one of two concentrations and one of several tracks within that focus area.

Biosciences Concentration

  • General Track
  • Medical Track
  • Lab Investigations Track
  • Pre-Nursing Track

Incoming freshmen in Biosciences may also apply for the Pathways Honors Program -- an accelerated program that allows students to complete a baccalaureate degree at DePaul University and a post-graduate professional degree at either DePaul's School of Nursing or Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science .

Public Health Studies Concentration

  • General Track
  • Health Education Track
  • Community Health Track
  • Health Policy & Administration Track

Each degree option is structured to help you meet your academic and professional goals, with tracks designed to help you meet graduate program requirements, enough flexibility to explore tracks as your interests evolve, and curriculum built on the principle that health sciences professionals must understand what factors impact the health of individuals and populations.

DePaul offers a five-year dual degree in Health Communication. Students in either undergraduate concentration can obtain a Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts.​​​