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Student Resources

​​ Student Guide to the Health Sciences

All majors should regularly consult the student guide for information regarding advising resources, curriculum, faculty and student involvement.

Health Sci Student Guide 2023-2024.pdf

Academic Advising

The Department of Health Sciences has staff academic advisors to guide you through your degree plans and to assist you in accessing resources on campus. You can find information about DePaul University's expectations for academic advising in the undergraduate student handbook. Advising is available by appointment via zoom or phone. You should schedule online using BlueStar Student Support or by calling (773) 325-8490. Same day appointment advising is available during the first week of each quarter and during the first week of enrollment for each term (typically week 6).

When you are seeking additional assistance in planning your career or graduate school endeavors, you may want to speak with a faculty member. It's important to develop relationships with your faculty, so please try to reach out to instructors in your classes for their input!

NOTE: Advising appointments dedicated to enrollment questions and concerns only is offered during the first week of each quarter and the first week of enrollment for each term. These are BRIEF meetings designed for quick questions and enrollment questions ONLY. To discuss a topic that may take longer such as completing degree plans, you should schedule an appointment outside of this timeframe.  If you are Pathways Honors student, you are advised through the CSH Office of Advising and Student Services, and should call 773-325-8490 or email for assistance. 

It's ​never a bad idea to put together a tentative 4 year plan. Please feel free to use the tool provided to create a draft that you can bring in for your advising appointment!

Health Science 4 year Degree Planning Tool.xlsx

​Pre-Health Advising

Students majoring in Health Sciences who are planning to enter a professional program after graduation are strongly encouraged to register with the PreHealth Advising Committee (PAC). Our staff Pre Health Advisor provides one-on-one advice to students about successfully navigating the application process and transition into professional and graduate programs in health.

Please see the Pre-Health Advising website for more information on upcoming events related to health advising, information on national professional organizations in many areas of health, and for instructions on how to register with the committee for more focused advising in health areas.