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Degree Conferral

Application for Degree Conferral

A formal application for degree conferral - to earn either a degree or certificate - must be filed by a candidate. Application for degree conferral may be made only by classified degree seeking students. The student must complete the online degree conferral application in Campus Connect by the designated deadline date.

November (autumn) March (winter) June (spring) August (summer)*
 October 1st​​​  Janua​​ry 15th   February 1st​  July 15th

* August conferral applicants who wish to participate in the June commencement ceremony must apply for degree conferral, RSVP for the ceremony and order their cap & gown by the first week in May.

Submitting this online application does not guarantee the awarding of a degree or certificate from DePaul University. A student can change the expected completion term up to the last day of that term. Degree requirements are reviewed and audited at the end of the expected completion term indicated. If all requirements are met, the degree will be conferred within 30 days of the end of the term. 

Diplomas and Certificates 

Diplomas and certificates are mailed by the Office of the University Registrar (to graduates without financial holds), generally within 45-60 days after the end of the term for which the student applied for degree conferral. Please direct questions regarding diplomas or certificates to the University Registrar.

Official Transcripts 

Graduates (without financial holds) may order their final official transcripts with their degree or certificate awarded through Campus Connect by following the path: Self ServicePlease direct questions regarding official transcripts to the University Registrar.

FERPA/Privacy Restriction 

The University Registrar reports degree information to the National Student Clearinghouse anizations use this service to verify awarded degrees.  A student's degree will only be verified by the Clearinghouse if the student does not have a FERPA/Privacy restriction in Campus Connect at the time the degree is conferred.  Students should verify Privacy Settings before the end of their degree conferral term.​​​