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Liz Smith

Liz Smith
High School Math Teacher in Chicago Public Schools

Liz graduated from DePaul with a BS in Pure Math in 2011 and an MS in Pure Math in 2013. Upon graduation, Liz received a five-year teaching fellowship with the Knowles Teacher Initiative and earned an MS in Education & Social Policy from Northwestern University in 2014. She taught high school math in Providence Public Schools in Rhode Island for six years, Harrisburg School District in Pennsylvania for one year, and will continue her career as a high school math educator in Chicago Public Schools beginning in August 2021. She was a recipient of a Policy Fellowship through Teach Plus RI and the Hollyhock Fellowship through Stanford University, and is dedicated to learning how to provide a more equitable and relevant math education for all young people.

What is your favorite DePaul memory?

My top two favorite DePaul memories are (1) developing really positive friendships with other students in my math courses and coordinating study sessions that made studying more enjoyable and less stressful, and (2) participating in summer research with Dr. Tenner and Dr. Petersen. These two professors broadened my view of what doing mathematics actually means, and they've completely influenced my math education philosophy.