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Joe Gebhart

Joe Gebhart
Consulting Manager in Ernst & Young's Technology Consulting Practice

Joe graduated from DePaul in the Winter Quarter of 2013. Once he graduated, he started working in the IT department at CNA Insurance (which at the time was right by DePaul's Loop campus). He decided to make a career move into Consulting and joined EY (Ernst & Young) in 2017, where he is now a manager in their technology consulting practice.

What is your favorite DePaul memory?

I'll never forget presenting, group discussions, and working on my math homework with our professors in the math department. It created such an encouraging and collaborative learning environment to explore mathematics. I'll also never forget some amazing quotes from Dr. Gatto's Real Analysis class. ‘If I can jump three feet, then I can jump two feet’ when explaining the concept of infimum and supremum of a set and how we needed to ‘use our toolbox’ when solving mathematical problems.