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Jacob Bas

Jacob Bas

Actuary for Allstate Insurance Company

Jacob graduated from DePaul in 2019, and currently works as an actuary at Allstate specializing in software development, tooling, and automation initiatives. He attributes his success to three things: (1) a lot of studying to maintain good grades in coursework and to pass actuarial exams, (2) completing personal projects to develop analytical and data skills (some resources: Kaggle, leet code, project Euler), and (3) networking to connect with companies he wanted to work for (LinkedIn was a huge help).

What is your favorite DePaul memory?

My favorite DePaul memory was definitely all of the time that I spent in the math department. I was a commuting student so I really had no place to go between classes, so having a place that was so inviting and friendly was a huge relief.