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Student Organizations

​ Welcome to the student organizations run by Biology and College of Science and Health students. These organizations are open to all students interested in the various facets of Biology and science. More detailed information about our student organizations may be found on the DePaul Student Organization web page.

Biotechnology Club
The Biotechnology Club is designed to offer extracurricular activities of interest to all students interested in any of the exciting fields of biotechnology or modern biology, as well as to help support and encourage students interested in biotechnology. Contact the Biotechnology Club at:

DePaul Ecology, Evolution and Physiology Club (DEEP)
The DePaul Ecology, Evolution and Physiology club encourages students to explore their inner biologists and learn about science from the past, present, and also what is happening every day in their scientific community. We also strive to share professional opportunities with our young scientists to help them succeed in the academic world. Contact DEEP at:

DePaul Life Sciences and Pre-Med Club
DePaul Life Sciences and Pre-Med Club is the umbrella organization that provides resources for individuals interested in post-graduate careers/studies in health fields as well as all topics of interest to students in the life sciences. Contact the Life Sciences and Pre-Med Club at:

Neuroscience Club (DPNC)
The mission of the DPNC is to educate, expose, and engage the DePaul community in the multi-disciplinary field of Neuroscience. Contact DPNC at:

Pre-Dental Club
The Pre-Dental Club's mission is to collaborate student-based efforts in order to inform members of the curriculum required to apply to dental schools, identify community service opportunities, to stay updated with advancements in dental-related research, and to exposure members to the availability of the numerous opportunities the field of dentistry has to offer. Contact the Pre-Dental Club

Pre-Health Advising Committee Student Organization (PACSO)
The Pre-Health Advising Committee encompasses all pre-health students and aims to expose them to their career of interest, educate them in the necessary requirements for entrance into their respective graduate schools, prepare them for the Pre-Health Advising Committee group interview, and set up meetings with graduate schools to aid the student with networking. Contact PACSO at:

Pre-Optometry Club
The purpose of DePaul's Pre-Optometry Club is to provide a community to students who wish to become future optometrists. We will provide involvement opportunities such as research and volunteering to assist students with gaining relevant experience to apply to optometry school. We plan on attending group tours to visit optometry schools, invite admissions officers and current optometry students to come to campus to give our members an insight into the admissions process and life as an optometry student. Contact the Pre-Optometry Club at:

Pre-Pharmacy Club
The mission of the Pre-Pharmacy Club is to expose pharmacy as a career, equip our members with the tools and knowledge necessary to be admitted to a pharmacy school, and to build lasting relationships that will provide for a mutually uplifting experience. Contact the Pre-Pharmacy Club

Pre-Vet & Animal Science Club​
This APVMA sponsored club allows students interested in veterinary medicine and animal care to meet to discuss pertinent issues regarding veterinary school admissions, animal care topics, animal health, and the political and social aspects regarding these fields. Contact the Pre-Vet & Animal Science Club​ at:​

SCI Club (Science Community Involvement)
The Sci Club is organized to help serve as a resource and club for all those students interested in bringing science to the greater community, particularly in looking at the ways in which DePaul science students can enrich or support the science education of students in the Chicago area.