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Student Organizations

Our Department and College are home to a wide variety of student-run organizations. These organizations are open to all students interested in the various facets of the life sciences, community involvement, and career development. More detailed information about these and other organizations may be found on the DePaul Student Organization web page.

Conservation Club
The mission of the Conservation Club is to foster socially responsible leadership aligned with Vincentian values. We seek to facilitate learning and engagement among DePaul students with the purpose of educating others and making change in our local and global communities. We believe in the conservation of our planet and the power of advocacy and activism. Contact:

DePaul Ecology, Evolution and Physiology Club (DEEP)
The DePaul Ecology, Evolution and Physiology club encourages students to explore their inner biologists and learn about science from the past and what is happening every day in their scientific community. We strive to share professional opportunities with young scientists to help them succeed in the academic world. Contact:

Doctors Without Borders at DePaul
The goal of the Doctors Without Borders Student Chapter at DePaul University is to raise awareness and knowledge about DWB's work in the field and humanitarian issues and to encourage and support pre-health students by hosting varying activities throughout the year. Contact:

Neuroscience Club (DPNC)
The mission of the DPNC is to educate, expose, and engage the DePaul community in the multi-disciplinary field of Neuroscience. DPNC seeks to empower individuals interested in helping others through the advancement of neuroscience. Please join the DePaul Neuroscience Club via DeHub.

Pre-Dental Club
The Pre-Dental Club's mission is to coordinate student-based efforts in order to inform members of the curriculum required to apply to dental schools, identify community service opportunities, to stay updated with advancements in dental-related research, and to expose members to the availability of the numerous opportunities the field of dentistry has to offer. Contact:

​Pre-Med Pals Club
Pre-Med Pals aims to support and represent DePaul University students pursuing pre-med and pre-health careers by fostering an inclusive community and offering a supportive resource system through events and activities. PMP aims to enhance student involvement, engagement, and growth in leadership through opportunities for medical and professional school learning. Contact:

Pre-Vet & Animal Science Club
This APVMA sponsored club allows students interested in veterinary medicine and animal care to meet to discuss pertinent issues regarding veterinary school admissions, animal care topics, animal health, and the political and social aspects regarding these fields. Contact: