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Graduate Programs

 Biological Sciences (MS) — Biological Sciences (MA)

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The Biology Department seeks to support students’ development as emerging scientists. A program of study leading to the Master of Science degree provides lecture, laboratory and seminar courses—along with learning experiences in research and teaching, to aid students in achieving professional success. Students develop a particular concentration of studies in consultation with their faculty advisor.

DePaul’s Master of Arts degree in Biology is designed for students who have a strong desire to increase their understanding of the life sciences and plan to take on additional education for increased proficiency in teaching.

The Department of Biological Sciences is committed to fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment. Students from diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.

For more information, contact:

Kenshu Shimada
Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Biological Sciences
DePaul University
2325 North Clifton Avenue
Chicago, Illinois, 60614
(773) 325-3697 or