Course Based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CUREs)

CUREs are projects that engage whole classes of students in a hands-on investigation of a problem that is of interest to the scientific community. View some of our current CUREs opportunities below.


Cadiz, Spain

Dr. Jason Bystriansky (Biological Sciences) and Dr. Kyle Grice (Chemistry and Biochemistry) host this unique study abroad program combining classroom and field-based research in Cadiz, Spain. Students learn how to develop novel research questions, design and carry out experiments, and analyze data, all in a collaborative course setting. Learn more about the program here.

“My experience in Spain really helped me experience research on a whole other level because we had to create our own projects and then we were completely in charge of them. It is so different than working in a lab with a professor or being in a lab for a class. Being in Spain while we were doing them was so culturally eye opening”

Ashley, Biological Sciences Major