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Jason Bystriansky

  • Associate Professor, Comparative Physiology
  • ​PhD       ​​
  • Biological Sciences
  • (773) 325-8726
  • McGowan South, Room 412F

Classes Taught

  • Marine Biology (BIO 118)
  • General Biology III (BIO 193)
  • Animal Physiology (BIO 307)
  • Advanced Comparative Physiology (BIO 352/452)
  • Field Studies in Marine and Estuarine Biology (BIO 318)
  • Research in Field Biology - Study Abroad: Spain (BIO 389)

Research Interests

Bystriansky is an environmental physiologist who takes a comparative approach to understanding how animals are adapted to survive in harsh environments. His research program is mainly focused on what limits most fish species to live in either fresh or salt water, while others can tolerate wide ranges of environmental salinity. To do so, Bystriansky studies the role and regulation of the sodium pump in osmoregulation and how the expression of different isoforms of this protein may limit the salinity tolerance of fish. His research focuses on several euryhaline fish groups including the anadromous Salmonids, the catadromous eels, and euryhaline stickleback and killifish.

Select Publications

Shaughnessy, C.A., Balfry, S.K., and Bystriansky, J.S.  2022. The isosmotic point as critical salinity limit for growth and osmoregulation, but not survival, in the wolf eel Anarrhichthys ocellatus. Fish Physiol. Biochem. 48:471-480.

Ruiz-Jarabo, I, Paullada-Salmeron, J.A, Jerez-Cepa, I., Belquior, J., Bystriansky, J.S., Mancera, J.M. 2022. Acute stress in lesser-spotted catshark (Scyliorhinus canicula Linnaeus, 1758) promotes amino acid catabolism and osmoregulatory imbalances.  Animals 12: 1192.

Boyle, K.A., LaMontagne, J.M., Phillips, I.D., Milanovich, J.R. and Bystriansky, J.S. Physiological adaptations of grey tiger salamander larvae (Ambystoma tigrinum) inhabiting saline wetlands. 2021. Herpetological Conservation and Biology. 16: 704-714.

Bystriansky, J.S., Clarke, W.C., Alonge, M.M., Judd, S.M., Schulte, P.M. and Devlin, R.H. 2017.  Salinity acclimation and advanced parr–smolt transformation in growth-hormone transgenic coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch). Canadian Journal of Zoology 95: 633-643.

Kissinger, B.C., Bystriansky, J.S., Czehryn, N., Enders, E., Treberg, J., Reist, J.D., Whitmore, E. and Anderson, W.G. 2017. Environment-phenotype interactions: influences of brackish-water rearing on lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush) physiology.  Environ. Biol. Fish. 100: 797-814.