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General Concentration

The General concentration offers basic scientific skills training and allows students more flexibility regarding the major-level psychology courses they are required to take. This concentration is recommended for students with a broad range of interests in psychology, and it allows students the opportunity to explore a wide variety of advanced psychology courses. ​

Course Requirements


Note: An exceptional student who has completed the required courses in Psychological Science may, upon consent of his advisor and the chair, be admitted in the senior year to certain 400-level courses described in the Graduate Catalog for Psychology.  Any 400-level courses will only apply toward the B.S. degree.

Open Electives

Open elective credit also is required to meet the minimum graduation requirement of 192 hours.

The student is urged to devote some general elective hours to courses in disciplines other than his/her major.  Note:  MAT 130 PRECALCULUS is a prerequisite for major level BIO and MAT courses.

In addition, all psychology majors are encouraged to engage in individual research projects with the supervision of faculty.  Upon faculty approval psychology majors may register for the following psychology courses: PSY 390 INDEPENDENT RESEARCH IN PSYCHOLOGY, PSY 396 HONORS IN PSYCHOLOGY, PSY 397 EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING/PSYCHOLOGY RESEARCH, PSY 398 TUTORING AND MENTORING IN PSYCHOLOGY, and PSY 399 INDEPENDENT STUDY.

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