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Undergraduate Research

There are many opportunities to engage in research as an undergraduate student in Psychology at DePaul University. Below are a few resources to help you get started on your search. We also invite you to contact your advisor in  Psychology​ for additional information about how to locate research opportunities at DePaul.

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DUOS is a student-based research opportunity blending energy and skills between doctoral graduate and undergraduate programs in Psychology in the College of Science and Health (CSH) at DePaul University. This program enables DePaul undergraduates to do research or other creative activities with the guidance of a graduate student mentor. Either the graduate or undergraduate student may initiate applications, but together these students will have intellectual ownership of their scholarship. Applications to DUOS are open to any undergraduate student and any doctoral student meeting the minimal program application academic requirements. 

Program Features of the Psychology DUOS Award

  • A focus on undergraduates to learn the processes of research and scholarship under the supervision of doctoral student mentors, for a maximum total of twelve (12) student research collaborations.
  • Funding at $1,500 ($750 per student) each academic year including:
    • $250 to each student contingent on the initial award and IRB approval (if required). Funds may be used to cover miscellaneous research costs (e.g. software, supplies, local transportation);
    • $500 to each student, contingent upon a final product (e.g. written paper, conference poster, or set of Power Point slides) submitted as evidence of the collaboration on scholarship.
  • Both undergraduate and graduate team members are invited and expected to attend an awards luncheon with Psychology DUOS team members, faculty mentors, and CSH and LAS Dean's Office representatives. Details on the luncheon will be provided upon notification of the award.

Benefits of the Program

  • Adds a distinctive experience that may increase student intellectual maturity to undergraduate education.
  • Increases availability of doctoral students as role models for undergraduates.
  • Enhances doctoral student research programs by the participation of talented undergraduates.
  • Enables doctoral students to enhance their skills as mentors of undergraduate students, and become more reflective about the role they play in undergraduate education at DePaul.
  • Creates the basis for later job application materials documenting doctoral students' experiences/achievements in their role as research collaborators.
  • Provides funds and practice with professional presentation of research for undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Clearly links scholarship and teaching at DePaul University.

Minimal Program Application Academic Requirements

  • Undergraduate Student:
    • Must be a declared student majoring in Psychology.
    • Has completed at least two (2) years of coursework at DePaul or another undergraduate institution.
    • Cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher.
    • Submission of an official or unofficial transcript.
  • Doctoral Student:
    • Has completed at least one (1) year of graduate school at DePaul University in Psychology.
    • Has obtained support from their faculty mentor.
    • Verification from the Program Director that the doctoral student is in good standing in the doctoral program.

Selecting an Appropriate DUOS Mentor

Undergraduates need to find a doctoral student who meets the eligibility requirements indicated above in order to apply to DUOS. We advise undergraduates to obtain a list of faculty research interests from our departmental website or departmental office, and to ask a faculty member whose research area is of interest to refer an appropriate doctoral student to collaborate with in this initiative. Graduate students may also seek out interested undergraduates as partners on a DUOS project.

Timeline, Application Forms, and Review Criteria

  • Applications are distributed in September and are due in early October of each academic year. Students may contact a faculty member or psychology advisor for more information and a copy of the application.
  • Applications must include the signed support of a faculty mentor and the program director's confirmation of the doctoral student's good standing in the program. 
  • Applications will be evaluated based on the quality, feasibility, and potential importance of the research project as well as on the completeness and readability of the proposal.
  • Late proposals will not be considered.

Expectations of Awardees

  • Students who receive the award are required to attend the awards luncheon.
  • The DUOS team's conference presentation and final research product must be completed and submitted by June 1, thereby allowing approximately an eight-month timeframe for the project's completion. Any final travel for presentation of the project must be completed before June 1
A doctoral student may be part of one (1) DUOS research collaboration per academic year and funding priority will be given to new applicants. As in the past, an attempt will be made to balance the awards across the sub-disciplines of the department (e.g. Clinical, Community, Psychological Science, and Industrial-Organizational Psychology).
Research projects involving human or animal participants will require IRB and LRB approval. Funding is contingent upon such approval in order to complete the project in a timely manner.

Payment Procedures

  • Initial payment of $250 to each team member will be processed following awarding of the grant and documentation of IRB approval for the research (if needed).
  • Payment of the $500 to each team member for the final product (e.g. conference presentation) will be processed upon receipt of the appropriate documentation on or before June 1. Any final travel for presentation of the project must be completed by June 1. 
    • Documentation of the presentation (e.g. listing in a conference brochure, Power Point slides, etc.) should be accompanied by a personal statement from each student asserting that the student attended and presented at the professional meeting. If either student fails to attend and present at the professional meeting, they will not receive payment for that portion of the award. 
    • Documentation of the final product consists of a written summary or manuscript reporting the research results, Power Point slides, or poster.

Psychology Department DUOS Committee Members

Joseph Ferrari, Ph.D.,  Professor
Theresa Luhrs, Ph.D., Long-term Teaching Professional
Antonio Polo, Ph.D., Professor, Chair of the Psychology DUOS Committee

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Have questions about DUOS? Want to learn more about how to apply and/or obtain a copy of the application? Email Dr. Polo or your psychology faculty advisor.

The faculty of the College of Science and Health view research as an integral part of each student's academic preparation at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Consequently, the college provides many on-campus research opportunities for students. It is also assists students in obtaining internships throughout the Chicago area.

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Here you'll find more access to information about research options and support for both undergraduate and graduate students, including the college's peer-reviewed undergraduate research journal DePaul Discoveries.

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