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Research Labs and Centers

In addition to the labs and centers listed below, more information about research in the Psychology Department is available from individual faculty web pages.

Dr. Leonard Jason's research is funded by NIH and supports work with chronic illnesses, addiction, and violence prevention. The focus of his research is community-based as well as public policy oriented.

The Social Development Lab, directed by Dr. Yan Li, addresses research questions about social development from middle childhood to adolescence. The goal of her research is to understand the developmental processes and contribute to the promotion of well adjustment in children and adolescents.

Social psychology faculty and student research at DePaul

Dr. Jocelyn Carter's research focuses on the intersection between mental health and physical health in urban adolescents and their families. Her current projects are most closely focused on the cultural influences of obesity in children and families.

Dr. Antonio Polo and his team conduct research on the development and evaluation of interventions in community settings as well as on the factors that are associated with the development of mental health problems (especially depression and other internalizing distress) among Latino and other ethnic and linguistic minority youth.

Dr. Joseph Mikels' research is funded by NSF and broadly focuses on emotion-cognition interactions across the adult life span. Specifically, his research team investigates the influence of emotion on memory, the role of emotion in decision making, how positive and negative emotions impact our judgments, and the changes in these phenomena in later life. ​