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DEI Steering Committee

DEI Steering Committee Members & Activities (updated as of SQ 2022)

Core Steering Committee Faculty:

  • Antonio Polo (Chair)
  • Joanna Buscemi
  • Jocelyn Carter
  • Ellen Dulaney
  • Olya Glantsman
  • Megan Greeson
  • Theresa Luhrs
  • Susan Markunas
  • Christine Reyna
  • Shelly Rauvola
  • Anne Saw

(Graduate) Students:

  • Kara Harris
  • Jeremy Jagers

  • Rebecca McGarity-Palmer

  • Lidia Monjaras Gaytan

  • Wendy Moore​

  • Fiona Sun

Committee Activities and Priorities:

*denotes activity lead(s)

Overall Objective – Recruitment and retention of BIPOC students, with a specific focus on Black students

  1. Undergraduate recruiting, retention, and support (Olya*, Theresa*, Lidia)

    1. Engaging undergraduates with research and other opportunities (e.g., CAA, DUOS, URAP) 

    2. Involving undergraduates in Division 45 student chapter

  2. Curriculum adjustments and teaching improvements (Anne*, Olya*, Joanna, Ellen, Susan, Wendy)

    1. Providing curriculum review and revision recommendations for program directors, especially around decolonizing syllabi and diversifying reading lists

    2. Developing and sharing a resource list for curriculum changes and best practices

    3. Creating DEI-related teaching checklist for instructors to consult while prepping courses for new quarters

    4. Incorporating diversity and social justice resources/speakers for Graduate Teaching Fellows

  3. Mentoring and evaluating graduate students (Christine*, Megan)

    1. Identifying best practices in mentoring diverse students and running/leading inclusive research labs, including assessment tools for departmental use (DEI self-assessment, informal reporting system)

    2. Documenting existing practices for inclusivity and mentoring in psychology research labs and establishing minimum mentorship requirements for all faculty

  4. Leveraging data and resources (Megan*, Antonio, Shelly)

    1. Supporting ongoing assessments and evaluations of DEI at faculty and student levels (e.g., compensation, awards, mentoring and Psi Chi leadership opportunities, diversity of PhD applicant pools)

  5. Climate for and investment in DEI (Becca, Joanna)

    1. Collaborating with the Graduate Student Association to distribute a student DEI climate survey and reviewing results when completed

    2. Working toward changes to faculty expectations (e.g., reviews documenting DEI efforts in teaching, research, and service) and climate assessment

    3. Advocating for health insurance coverage for graduate students

  6. Webpage updates to highlight DEI value and efforts (Shelly*, Fiona, Wendy)

    1. Providing transparency and accountability for DEI commitments and priorities through a dedicated DEI page

    2. Highlighting ongoing DEI efforts, such as research, community engagement, and fieldwork, as well as resources for current and prospective students

  7. Workshops, trainings, and professional development activities (Megan*, Susan, Antonio, Anne)

    1. Organizing and promoting departmental workshops on gender identity and trans inclusivity in research and the classroom, in addition to listening circles for LGBTQIA+ folks in the department