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Physician Assistant FAQ

No, this is a competitive program and there is no guarantee of admission. However, if you apply through the pre-physician assistant advisor your application will receive priority screening.
The advisor for accelerated programs is Dr. Phillip Funk. The pre-health staff advisor is also a critical resource for this program. It is strongly advised that you meet with either of them as soon as possible to map out a course plan. You must have completed at least 96 credit hours prior to your application. The advisors will look through your academic record to make sure you are ready to apply to the College of Health Professions.

The physician assistant application process is called CASPA, (  You complete the application online, including your GRE scores, transcripts, and letters of recommendation. You must use DePaul’s Pre-Health Advising Committee (PAC). Register with PAC and state your intention of utilizing the Accelerated 3+ option for Physician Assistant.  You will need to notify them by the winter of your second year at DePaul in order to participate in the committee letter process. An interview with Dr. Funk and the pre-health staff advisor is required before you start the PAC committee letter of recommendation process to ensure that you have completed sufficient DePaul requirements and have a plan to complete all DePaul specific coursework.

The GRE is offered several times during the year. Visit the GRE website for the most up to date information ( ). You should also think about taking a GRE review course to prepare for the exam. The GRE scores are required for review of your application, so you should plan on taking the GRE in the spring or early summer of the year in which you are applying.
The GRE measures Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing rather than specific prerequisite courses.
The HLTH 120 course “Careers in HealthCare” and the HLTH 201 course can help you begin to understand the roles of various health care professionals. You will want to register for the Pre-Health Program at DePaul.  By being in the program, you will be invited to pre-health events through the year, including visits by College of Health Professions faculty.  Join a student organization, like the pre-med club or pre-health career community, to help you to network with students who have similar interests as your own.
In the event you are not accepted for early admission you are still a DePaul student and should complete your bachelor’s degree at DePaul. You can consider reapplying to Physician’s Assistant programs or taking any other direction you might choose. Unsuccessful applicants are encouraged to seek an exit interview to discuss how they might make a stronger application.
In that event you may return to DePaul to complete your bachelor’s degree.  Any courses completed at Rosalind Franklin University will be counted toward your degree.
No, you must apply for degree conferral via Campus Connection in anticipation of the quarter when you plan to finish your BS degree.  Yes, after your fourth year you may still walk at DePaul’s Commencement ceremony.