Health Equity and Wellness
Health Equity and Wellness

Place yourself at the front lines of healthcare excellence, access, and equity with the College of Science and Health’s many clinical programs. Here are some of the specialized tracks where you can have an impact on healthcare:


Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Gain the leadership, business, and research skills you need to work effectively in advanced healthcare. Our nursing faculty prepare the next generation of socially engaged care providers. You’ll work with faculty like Dr. Roxanne Spurlark, Associate Director of the DNP program and an advocacy researcher who studies COVID-19 and vulnerable populations, resilience, leadership, Trauma Informed Care, and emergency services.


RN to MSN in Nursing (MSN)

This program helps registered nurses develop credentials to become a nurse administrator, educator, and more. Our faculty teach the core essentials of nursing education and practice while training students to lead the field in healthcare research. You may work with faculty like Dr. Young-Me Lee, who engages in community-based scholarship to address preventive behaviors and global health, from depression and anxiety to health disparities in underserved populations.


MENP for Non-Nurses (MSN)

DePaul’s Master’s Entry to Nursing Practice (MENP) is designed for college graduates who want to become nurses. Check out our facilities and program offerings for hands-on education, clinical practice, and top-tier training to confront today’s health challenges.


Speech Language Pathology (MS)

Become an expert in diagnosing and treating speech, language and swallowing disorders in children and adults. Our faculty will develop your skills for the highest standards of practice while embracing diversity, advocacy, and global awareness. Learn more about the Bilingual English-Spanish Specialization Certificate that is available to our Speech Language Pathology students, the first such offering in Illinois.


Occupational Therapy (MS)

Provide compassionate care and advocacy for diverse individuals and groups of all ages with various physical, cognitive, and psychological conditions. Meet the faculty and learn from experts like Dr. Kate Barrett, who researches global health, immigrants and refugees, and integrating skills for cultural fluency in healthcare education.


Clinical Psychology (MA/PhD)

This program provides a deep understanding of societal and systemic forces impacting mental health and disparities in health care access. Our faculty work and conduct research in urban settings, with diverse ethnic and socio-economic populations, and with children, teens and families who have been traditionally underserved by psychology. Visit Dr. Jocelyn Carter’s Healthy Families Lab, to learn about the impacts of physical activity on youth well-being – from stress and coping to social support – while reducing barriers to access for youth from underrepresented backgrounds.