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Graduate Assistant Position Post

The MS Environmental Science program at DePaul University is recruiting for one (1) two-year DEI Graduate Assistantship (GA) for a thesis student beginning* the program in Fall 2024. 

This student GA will receive a partial tuition remission (48 of 52 credit hours) as well as a 13 hour per week stipend ($19/hour) during academic quarters (three (3), 10-week quarters per academic year). 

During the 2024-2025 academic year (AY), 60% of the student's GA time will support the Environmental Science and Studies Department's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts, with 40% of the student's time dedicated to their thesis research. During AY2025-26 thesis research time will comprise 70% of the GA's hours, with 30% time on DEI work; the student is expected to complete their master's thesis at the end of this second academic year, in Spring Quarter 2026. 

Diverse candidates encouraged to apply.  

*Current students in the program who have completed fewer than eight credit hours by the end of spring quarter 2024 are also eligible to apply. 

Thesis research topics: Students interested in applying for this GA position are strongly encouraged to reach out to current Environmental Science and Studies (ENV) faculty to discuss potential thesis research topics and opportunities before completing an application. Competitive applicants for the GA position will have determined a potential research topic and secured the willingness of a faculty member to advise their thesis research.

To apply: Please submit your application for the MS Environmental Science program through the graduate school website ( ) ,where you will be asked to submit basic applicant information, transcripts for all previous universities attended, 1-2 letters of recommendation, and a Personal Statement. 

IMPORTANT: To be considered for the funded GA position: After the main text of your ~1-page Personal Statement, please answer the following questions after a bolded section heading reading, “Additional Questions for GA Applicants." (If you've already applied and been admitted to the program for Fall 2024, please re-submit your application materials and amended personal statement with the following questions to to be considered for the GA position.) 

1.     Please indicate your interest in and preparedness for graduate-level research in the environmental sciences. Describe here any previous research experiences, as well as any professional or volunteer experiences that might be relevant to your potential thesis research. (Max. 400 words)

2.     Please briefly describe the faculty and/or research project you would like to work on if admitted to the MS Environmental Science program. It is strongly encouraged that you look at ENV faculty websites and reach out to current ENV faculty members to discuss potential MS thesis research topics/projects; if you have spoken with a professor, especially if you have secured their support as a potential thesis research advisor, please indicate this in your reply to this question. (Max. 400 words)

3.     What does diversity, equity, or inclusion mean to you? Please describe your values related to DEI and your experiences working with diverse populations. We are especially looking for students with a demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in personal, professional, and/or volunteer capacity. Please mention specific past activities and experiences. Especially during Year 1, the student chosen for this GA position will support the Environmental Science and Studies Department's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts. You can read more about the ENV department's current DEI efforts on our website. (Max. 400 words)

Timeline: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and admissions decisions are made ~4 weeks after you submit your application. To be considered for the GA position, students must submit their application before June 7, 2024. Priority will be given to applications received by May 19th. All applications for the GA position submitted before the deadline will be evaluated competitively and the admitted student awarded the GA position will be notified by the end of June or sooner.

Criteria for Applicant Evaluation: Applicants for the GA position will be evaluated on their academic qualifications and program fit; meeting the program prerequisites; preparedness for graduate-level research; faculty advisor and research fit; and demonstrated diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

Questions/Contact: With any question about this position or the program in general, please contact MS Environmental Science Program Director and ENV faculty member Dr. Christie Klimas