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About Environmental Science and Studies
Student observing plant specimen.

Our Mission

​​The Department of Environmental Science and Studies fosters a diverse community of students, faculty, and staff committed to examining the relationships between humans and the natural environment. Its eclectic research and teaching programs incorporate fundamental science as well as studying sustainable and equitable solutions to environmental problems.​

​To achieve this, our vision is to: ​

  • ​Offer rigorous​, student-focused curricula at the undergraduate and graduate levels grounded in cutting-edge environmental inquiry and supported by a commitment to personalized academic advising.
  • Balance training in the classroom with a variety of experimental opportunities.
  • Facilitate interdisciplinary engagement with partners both within and beyond the university. 
  • Promote research opportunities as a means of learning and encouraging meaningful collaboration between students and faculty mentors. 
  • Sustain its inclusive community of students, faculty and staff with the resources needed for all the member of the departmental community to contribute to impactful scholarship and to become thought leaders in their field. 

Our Core Values​
Informing our mission and the means of achieving it are the following core values:
  • ​Diversity, equity, and inclusion: Guided by the ethic of Vincentian personalism, we uphold the dignity of all the members of our diverse, multi-faith, and inclusive community.
  • Sustainability and environmental justice: Although some of our research is focused on advancing our fundamental knowledge of natural systems, the application of our scholarly work aspires to produces a flourishing future for all. 
  • An ethic of care and compassion: Our ethical comportment extends from a commitment to our shared community to the world beyond the university. 
  • Freedom of inquiry: All of our research and teaching encourages an eclectic and open analysis of environmental problems and solutions. ​​

​​About The Department​

Students in Environmental Science and Studies gain knowledge on how the natural world works, how we interact with it and how we can work to protect, restore and sustain it for the future. Studying the intersections between ecology, the social sciences, and the humanities, our students learn the interrelationships between human society and the natural world. Through contexts such as natural sciences, communication, geography, religion, history, literature, art and design, and public policy, Environmental Science and Studies majors gain an understanding of the core concepts of and current issues in environmental science.

We offer two undergraduate programs: a BS in Environmental Science and a BA in Environmental Studies, as well as minors in Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, and Sustainability Studies. We also offer a Master of Science in Environmental Science.

​​Departmental Opportunities 

DEI Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program

Graduate Assistantship