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Chemical Engineering (with IIT)

For students interested in pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering, DePaul offers a joint-program in conjunction with the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), where students will earn a BS degree in Chemistry from DePaul and BS in Chemical Engineering from IIT.

Rationale for offering Ch.E. Option

The addition of an engineering option in chemistry allows students to pursue a course of study ultimately focused on the truly applied side of the chemistry profession. Chemical engineering is concerned with the design, development and management of facilities that convert raw materials into useful products. The engineer must assume responsibility for the economical use of the raw materials, preservation of the environment and profitability of the operation.

DePaul University does not have the expertise or facilities to provide a complete education in chemical engineering; however, we provide the core chemical and allied-field education for students who wish to complete the engineering part of their degree elsewhere. We also provide the well-rounded liberal arts education that technical schools seldom offer. Thus students pursuing this option benefit from the core science and liberal arts education that DePaul can provide while still receiving a technical degree in Chemical Engineering at IIT.


The Chemical Engineering option is offered in conjunction with Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), as IIT is local and already offers degrees in chemical engineering. In the five-year program, students simultaneously earn a BS in Chemistry from DePaul University and a Chemical Engineering (ChE) degree from IIT. Students complete the BS in Chemistry (Standard concentration) at DePaul University. Students then supplement their DePaul BS with 20 additional chemical engineering and related courses taken at IIT.  A tentative timeline for courses may be seen here; note that the actual sequencing of courses heavily depends on a student's preparation.  Individual courses of study must be developed in consultation with the department's chemical engineering advisor.

Liberal Studies

The Liberal Studies Program for students in the joint degree programs is essentially the same as it is for other science majors. Students take 19 courses, 18 of them at DePaul. The experiential learning requirement is satisfied at IIT in project-oriented engineering courses (IPRO), which are designed to give students real-life engineering experience. In order to satisfy some IIT requirements, students are asked to select learning domain courses from a subset of those offered at DePaul. To satisfy technical elective requirements at IIT, students must also take a 300-level ECO course. Note that a prerequisite for the 300-level ECO course is ECO 105 or 106. Please refer to the complete list of the liberal studies domain requirements for this degree.  


Students must be admitted to both schools to complete this program. DePaul offers online registration . IIT also offers online registration. When applying to IIT, you must indicate that you want the Joint Program. You must also register at both institutions when you are ready for concurrent enrollment and fax a copy of your DePaul transcript to date to the IIT Office of Educational Services (fax: 312.567.3302; phone: 312.567.3300).

Note: this program does not appear in the University Catalog. For more information, contact the Office of Admission ​and the College of Science and Health Advising Office at or (773) 325-8490.