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Chemical Engineering courses at IIT

The following IIT courses are required for the IIT portion of the joint program in chemical engineering.  Students participating in the joint program register for these courses through DePaul (in this case, the CHE prefix is replaced with ICE).

CHE100 Introduction to the Profession I
CHE101 Introduction to the Profession II
CHE202 Material and Energy Balances
CHE301 Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer Operations
CHE302 Mass Transfer Operations
CHE317 Chemical Engineering Laboratory I
CHE351 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
CHE406 Transport Phenomena
CHE418 Chemical Engineering Laboratory II
CHE423 Chemical Reaction Engineering
CHE433 Process Modeling and System Theory
CHE435 Process Control
CHE439 Numerical and Data Analysis
CHE451 Chemical Process Thermodynamics
CHE494 Chemical Process Design
IPRO296 Introduction to Process Design
IPRO397 Inter-professional Project
IPRO496 Design IPRO
MAT252 Introduction to Differential Equations
ECE383 Electric and Electronic Circuit

Note: this program does not appear in the University Catalog. For more information, contact the Office of Admission and the College of Science and Health Advising Office at or (773) 325-8490.