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Degree Requirements

Course Requirements

    50 hours of graduate credit including:

    Core Areas of Study

    Ecology, Evolution, and Population Biology

    Genetics, Cell and Molecular Biology

    Physiology and Neurobiology

    BIO 490 - Special Topics, as appropriate, may also be approved in one of the three core areas.

    Advancement to Candidacy

    Based upon results of a qualifying examination taken near the end of the third quarter of the student's first full year of course work.

    Final Project Requirement

    Based upon an independent library research project under the supervision of a faculty member.  Up to four credit hours of BIO 496 RESEARCH may be taken to complete the Final Project.

    BIO 433


    This course provides an opportunity for students to integrate their knowledge of cell biology, genetics, ecology and physiology at the organismal level by focusing on fungi. Students will gain an appreciation of the biological diversity within the major groups of fungi and their role in the environment, research and biotechnology. Lecture-laboratory. Lab fee.

    A&S 491


    This course concerns theoretical concepts and empirical research relating to administrative behavior in organizations with special reference to educational organizations. Concepts are examined within the typical decisional framework of supervisors, chief school business officers, principles, and superintendents, and similar positions in the helping professions. Assignments are individualized.
    Status as an Advanced Masters Education student is a prerequisite for this class.

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