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What Happens in Therapy

Once your family has been accepted into one of the DePaul FCS programs, you will be assigned a therapist who will do a one to three week assessment with you of the problems that concern your family. The therapist will ask questions about how you and others view the problem(s).  He/she will want to know how long you have been troubled by this difficulty and about times you may have been successful in overcoming it.  Psychological testing may be recommended to better understand your difficulties.

After the assessment, the therapist will recommend a treatment plan to help your family meet your particular goals.  Clients and their parents/guardians are encouraged to be active participants in deciding what the Treatment Plan will be and in evaluating whether progress is being made.  As such, older child clients and their parents/guardians are regularly asked to evaluate the services at DePaul FCS.  Your willingness to do so helps us change our services to provide the best for our clients.​