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Undergraduate Summer Research Program (USRP)

Faculty Recommendation Form

Complete this form and attach your letter to submit a recommendation for a student who is applying to the College of Science and Health's Undergraduate Summer Research Program.

Faculty information

Please provide your name, ID number, rank and primary unit. In addition, please provide the name of the student for whom you are submitting this recommendation.

Letter of recommendation

Please upload your recommendation letter for this student as a PDF document. The recommendation should address the following issues:

  • A brief overview of the project, primary tasks, and the value of the project for the student.
  • The learning goals that are expected to be achieved through this project.
  • The student's ability to complete the project, present at the annual undergraduate research showcase, and submit an article for plublication in DePaul Discoveries or a journal in one's field.
  • Any weaknesses in the student's record (e.g., poor performance in key courses, challenges with time management), and how those challenges will be overcome.