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Faculty Resources

Psychology Department Documents

How To:
  • Edit personal web pages:
    Some faculty maintain personal or lab websites on or another external website.  If you would like to link your personal page from the department website, contact the Psychology Department Web Master.  If you would like to get assistance creating or updating your website, contact

  • Create web-based surveys:
    You can use Quickdata, create surveys within the Intro Psych Experiment Management System (Sona Systems), or in Qualtrics.  See the Research Tools page or contact the Subject Pool Manager for more information.

  • Create PDF documents:
    • Use a computer that has Adobe Acrobat installed. The department has purchased a limited number of licenses for Acrobat, but it is installed on at least one computer in the graduate computer lab and one in the faculty printer room. You can export Word documents to PDF, or scan hardcopies and save them as PDFs.
    • Install OpenOffice or LibreOffice on your computer and use its built-in "export to pdf" function to save Word documents, etc. as PDFs. Both are free (open-source) software.
    • Install a free utility such as PDFcreator or CutePDF on your computer. These utilities create a printer driver that prints to PDF files, allowing you to create a PDF document for anything that you can print.