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Nursing FAQ


Must I be a Pathways Honors student with a Health Sciences – BioScience major to pursue the 3+2 Master’s Entry to Nursing Practice (MENP) program?

Yes, you will want to express interest to the Health Sciences academic advisor during your first year to ensure you are enrolling in the correct courses to be eligible for the program.​

Am I guaranteed admission into DePaul’s School of Nursing?

No, the 3+2 MENP is a competitive MS degree program and there is no guarantee of admission.​ 

What is the difference between the 3+2 MENP versus a traditional BSN?

Typical BSN programs are either 2+2 lower division (general education courses)/upper division (nursing major courses) or 4 years with the nursing courses starting during the first year or sophomore year. The BSN is the expected minimum standard in most clinical settings. The MENP graduate gets a significantly stronger preparation for nursing and preparation for continuing education in nursing (Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)). The MENP grad comes out with greater knowledge and skills and greater job and educational prospects.​

How do I know if a career as a Nurse is for me?

The HLTH 120 course “Careers in HealthCare” and the HLTH 201 course “Introduction to Health Science” can help you begin to understand the roles of various health care professionals. You will want to register for the Pre-Hea​lth Program​ at DePaul.  By being in the Pre-Health Program, you will be invited to pre-health events through the year, including visits by health care professionals.  Join a student organization, like the Pre-health Career Community, to help you to network with students who have similar interests as your own.​​

Do I need to take the GRE or any other standardized entrance exam?

No, 3+2 MENP students are waived from needing the GRE.​

What does that 4th year look like?

You will technically be an undergraduate student taking graduate MENP classes at the undergrad tuition rate during your senior year.  This is a significant cost savings.​

What is the cost savings of doing this program?

One full year of graduate coursework priced at the undergraduate rate, plus the Double Demon Scholarship after matriculating into the School of Nursing upon graduation with the BS in Health Sciences - BioScience.​

Are there certain criteria I need to meet along the way to be eligible for this program?

Yes, you must be a Health Sciences – BioScience major; earn at least a 3.20 undergraduate cumulative GPA; complete all MENP prerequisites; earn at least B- grades in each of the followinig courses: anatomy and physiology, general chemistry sequence with labs, and microbiology; and enroll in MENP courses during Summer before your senior year.​​ 

What happens if I don’t get accepted into the 3+2 MENP program?

In the event you are not accepted into the 3+2 MENP program, you are still a DePaul student and should complete your BS in Health Sciences – BioScience at DePaul. You can still consider applying to the MENP program as a traditional applicant, but it would be after your senior year.​

What happens if I enter the School of Nursing but decide to leave before completing my first year of coursework there?

In that event you may continue the completion of your BS degree in Health Sciences – BioScience.  Any courses satisfactorily completed in the School of Nursing will be counted toward your degree.​​

After I finish my fourth year of coursework, do I automatically graduate from DePaul without notifying anyone? May I still walk at DePaul’s Commencement ceremony?

No, you must apply for degree conferral via Campus Connect in anticipation of the quarter when you plan to finish your BS degree.  Yes, after your fourth year you may still walk at DePaul’s Commencement ceremony.​