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Major Requirements

Course Requirements

Common Core 



Sequencing of Coursework

Students interested in majoring in physics, applied computational physics, or pre-engineering should enroll in PHY 170 UNIVERSITY PHYSICS I and ​MAT 160 CALCULUS FOR MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE MAJORS I in the autumn quarter of their first year, provided they are adequately prepared in mathematics.
The sequences of PHY 170, PHY 171, and PHY 172 and MAT 160, MAT 161, and MAT 162 are prerequisites to PHY 270, PHY 300 and PHY 301, and PHY 370, which should be taken in the sophomore year together with MAT 260 and MAT 261.
It is recommended that students interested in the standard concentration or pre-engineering also take the chemistry sequence (CHE 130 GENERAL CHEMISTRY I, or CHE 120 GENERAL CHEMISTRY IP and CHE 131 GENERAL CHEMISTRY I LABORATORY and CHE 132 GENERAL CHEMISTRY II or CHE 122 GENERAL CHEMISTRY IIP and CHE 133 GENERAL CHEMISTRY LABORATORY IICHE 134 GENERAL CHEMISTRY III and CHE 135 GENERAL CHEMISTRY LABORATORY III) their first year. Because of the predominance of physics, mathematics, and chemistry sequences in the freshman and sophomore years, it is crucial that Physics and Pre-Engineering majors be advised by Physics faculty upon enrollment at DePaul. 

Concentration Requirements

Students must also complete the requirements from one of the following concentrations: Standard, Computational, Engineering, or Interdisciplinary Physics.  Students are limited to declaring only one concentration.



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