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As an Astrophysics major, you’ll study the formation of the universe and the behavior and life cycles of stars, planets and galaxies. You’ll focus on scientific investigation, laboratory experience and research opportunities to give you hands-on experience in the field of astrophysics.

You’ll start by taking core courses that align with the standard Physics major. The program is designed with flexibility so that you can focus on instrumentation, observational data analysis, or theoretical/computational work by choosing appropriate elective courses.

Astrophysics majors at DePaul work with faculty members on research projects, which may result in your work being published in journals. These research projects include astrophysics, observational astronomy, complex fluids, materials science and ultra-fast physics.

For international students: this program is a STEM-designated program, which can qualify you to extend your post-graduation stay in the United States.



  • Cosmology
  • Star Formation
  • Stellar Astrophysics

Career Options

Common Career Areas

  • Computer science
  • Electronics development
  • Engineering
  • Optics
  • Photonics
  • Post-graduate study
  • Research
  • Scientific computing

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