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Engineering Intent to Enroll

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Students who intend to pursue an engineering degree through one of DePaul's partner institutions must complete and submit this intent to enroll form. Submission of this form does not imply application to, or admission to, the corresponding partner institution from which the engineering degree will be awarded.

In addition to this form, you must sign a Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) waiver. This waiver is required to exchange education records between DePaul and the partner institution. The waiver must be signed, scanned, and returned as instructed.

After this form is received, you will be contacted by a pre-engineering advisor to discuss all of the requirements that must be completed at DePaul before you start your intended engineering program. The pre-engineering advisors are:

Chemical engineering

Dr. Richard F. Niedziela, Department of Chemistry

All other engineering

Dr. Anuj Sarma, Department of Physics

Intendee contact information


Current major field of study

Indicate your current major field of study. If you are a double-major, please indicate your primary major field.


Intended engineering program

Select your intended engineering program from the list below. As mentioned previously, selection of a program does not imply application or admission into it. Admission is solely granted by DePaul's partner institution only after requirements for the selected program have been met at DePaul.


Intended start term and year

Select the term and year in which you intend to start your selected engineering program.