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Degree Requirements

Course Requirements

Core - All 7 courses / 28 credit hours: 

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Comprehensive Examinations

Candidates for the Master's of Science in Applied Statistics degree must pass two comprehensive examinations (Part I and Part II). Comprehensive examinations are offered twice per year, in the beginning of the autumn and spring quarters.

The Part I comprehensive examination is a four-hour closed-book exam that is offered on the first Saturday of the autumn and spring quarters, and covers material from the MAT 451-452-453 course sequence. An official formula sheet will be provided. No tablets or cell phones may be used at any time during the exam.

The Part II comprehensive examination is a three-hour closed-book exam that is offered on the second Saturday of the autumn and spring quarters, and is based on the student's area of concentration.

  • Part II - Biostatistics: Covers material from MAT 421, 424, and 456.
  • Part II - Data Science: ​Covers material from MAT 449, 450, and 456.
  • Part II - General Applied Statistics: Covers material from MAT 456, 526, and 528.

Students should register with the graduate program director before the beginning of the quarter they plan to take the comprehensive examinations.​​​​​