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Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry and Biochemistry
Two students testing samples in a lab.

Chemistry is often called the central science because of how it intersects with other scientific disciplines. At DePaul, the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers students a rigorous program that prepares them to become critical thinkers with a firm foundation in analytical skills. We further provide our students with invaluable research experiences that help them get ready for the challenges they will face in the workplace upon graduating from our programs. Both teaching and research are supported by access to the latest instrumentation and modern laboratory facilities.

Undergraduate Biochemistry and Chemistry

Undergraduate programs

The department offers three undergraduate degree programs: Chemistry (BA or BS) and new in 2017, Biochemistry (BS). Our BS programs are certified by the American Chemical Society.

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Graduate Biochemistry and Chemistry

Graduate programs

The department offers two graduate degree programs: Chemistry (MS) and Polymer and Coating Science (MS). Graduate students have the option of pursuing thesis and non-thesis routes to their degrees.

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