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SCC Staff

Center Director

Graduate Assistants

  • Sean Cartwright
  • Yvon Kaeova
  • Yuanwei Tu
  • Wei Wu
  • Yilin Zhang

Faculty support for the Statistical Consulting Center

Enrico Au-Yeung pure and applied harmonic analysis, functional analysis
Desale Habtzghi survival analysis, biostatistics, statistical computing, non-parametric statistics
Juan Hu geospatial data modeling, massive data analysis, non-parametric modeling
Hung-Chih Ku statistical genetics, genome-wide association studies
Goran Kuljanin statistical genetics, genome-wide association studies
Yiou Li methodologies in statistics and computational mathematics
Karl Liechty analysis, probability, mathematical physics
Stefanos Orfanos risk management, actuarial science applications
Claudia Schmegner mathematical statistics, Bayesian analysis, sequential procedures
Gang Wang probability theory, stochastic processes, statistics
Byungyun Yang GIS modeling, web GIS, GIS spatial statistics, geovisualization, GIS-based 3D city models