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News & Events

  • Oxford University Press. Comprehensive affordable solutions to a major health problem. (Link)

  • Oxford University Press. Dilemmas of a broken substance abuse system. (Link)

  • Oxford University Press Blog on CFS "Patients Battle for Justice": (Link)

  • Oxford University Press Blog on "How Disease Names Can Stigmatize": (Link)

  • Oxford University Press’ Blog on "What is psychology's greatest achievement?": (Link)

  • Oxford University Press’ Blog on how "Diseases can stigmatize": (Link)

  • Oxford University Press policy statement that was issued on "Recovery Residences and long-term addiction recovery": (Link)

  • Oxford University Press Blog on how "Even Small Government Incentives Can Help Tackle Entrenched Social Problems": (Link)

  • Oxford University Press Blog is a reaction to a New York Times study titled: Humane, cost-effective systems for formerly incarcerated people: (Link)

  • Oxford University Press Blog published this infographic on sequestration: (Link)

  • Oxford University Press titled “the Art of Science”: (Link)
    • SCRA policy statement on Recovery Residence: (Link)

    • “NARR-SCRA policy statement moves ‘sober homes’ toward new legitimacy” in Alcoholism Drug Abuse Weekly: (Link)
  • 2017 (March 27). Leonard Jason for the Office of Disease Prevention: NIH webinar on Mixed Methods in Disease Prevention & Health Research (Link)

  • 2017 (March 10). Leonard Jason's remarks at his surprise 68th birthday (Link)

  • A talk, by Leonard A. Jason, at the Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago on  "Myths about ME and CFS" : (Link

  • Lecture by Leonard A. Jason and Sarah Callahan on Researching Substance Use and Recovery Using Social Network Analysis. Sage Research Method.

  • Lecture by Leonard Jason given in community psychology class at DePaul University, titled "Systems Science and Social Change": (Link)

  • DePaul University Chili Challenge! (Link)

  • A Protest Video, titled "Social action: A fundamental value of community psychology": (Link)

  • Video describing a study on network connectivity, by Marcie Zinn, Mark Zinn, and Leonard Jason: (Link)

  • A talk, by Dr. Leonard Jason, at The National Society for ME patients’ Fall 2015 conference, titled "Defining Essential Features of ME and CFS": (Link)

  • Summit on Fatigue and Health: (Link)

  • Presentation on the Case Definition at the NIH P2P Workshop titled: “Advancing the Research on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”: (Link)

  • Society for Community Research and Action Webinar on Social Change through Social Policy, by Ken Maton and Leonard Jason: (Link

  • Jason live keynote on Social Change at the Miami Biennial: (Link)

  •  Funny segment of the keynote Principles of Social Change Biennial talk on dog feces: (Link)

  • YouTube video on Oxford House collaboration titled: “Community Psychology: Partnerships for Social Justice”: (Link)

  • YouTube video gives prospective students more information about Jason, a community faculty member at DePaul University: (Link)

  • YouTube introduction to the Center for Community Research: (Link)

  • 8 broadcasts out of the Netherlands regarding a patient program called: Science to Patients: (Link 
    • In this first webinar, Jason discusses some of his current research with ME: (Link)

    • In the second webinar, Jason discusses the name and case definition:(Link)

    • The third webinar covers what might cause ME, the stigma associate with ME: (Link)   

    • The fourth webinar explains the difference between ME and Major Depressive Disorders: (Link)  

    • The fifth webinar involves treating and managing of ME: (Link)

    • The sixth webinar involves symptoms of ME and treatments: (Link)

    • The seventh webinar involves the need for services and social action: (Link)
    • The last webinar involves future directions for ME research: (Link)

  • The White House Chronicle PBS program aired a program discussing ME/CFS, and Jason was one of the panel members. The TV show can be found at this site, but when you click on the link, the show begins after 30 seconds: (Link)

  • Llewellyn King interviewed Jason for three episodes of his ME/CFS Alert: 
  • Episode 1: (Link)

  • Episode 2(Link)

  • Episode 3(Link)

  • Film Voices from the Shadows: (Link)
  • Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago. Leonard A. Jason. Understanding Unexplained Illness: From Knowledge to Action. (Link)

    ME Action.  Dimmock, Mirin, & Jason: Estimating Disease Burden in the US. (Link)

    Simmaron Research. Cort Johnson. Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) a Brain Disease? The 2016 IACFS/ME Conference Pt. III. (Link)

    The Guardian. Rosie Ifould. Gluten Wars: Skepticism Over Self-Diagnosis and the Illness We Can't Explain. (Link)

    Cbs Chicago. Lisa Fielding. Dozens rally to bring attention to incurable disease. (Link)

    Mosaic. The Science of Life. Virginia Gewin. Fighting over fatigue.(Link)

    Mosaic. The Science of Life. Virginia Gewin. How to diagnose chronic fatigue syndrome (Link)

    DePaul Distinctions. Margaret Hoag. Radical Research (Link)
    Rochester Review. Maya Dukmasova. A different type of group therapy (Link

    Nature. Virginia Gewin. Medical research: Subject to reflection (Link)

    Distinctions. S.O.S. for At-Risk Teens (Link)

    SCIENTIA. Stress Busters: Intervention Study Combats Stress in African-American Youth (Link)

    Natalie Maureen Kivell on We Are the Voice (WVUM 90.5FM.) "Where are the patients? The role of community psychology in engaging patients in their own lives." (Link)

    Jason, L.A. (2015). Ethical and diversity challenges in ecologically sensitive systems-oriented interventions. American Psychologist, 70, 762-775. (Link)

    Medscape. Shannon Aymes. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Linked to Suicide Deaths. (Link)

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