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Get Involved

​​There are a number of volunteer opportunities available at the Center for Community Research. Undergraduate students have the opportunity to work on one of the ongoing projects at the Center, and may earn course credit as an independent study or Honors project. Please contact one of the members of the research teams to find out how to get involved:
    • For Violence Prevention researchcontact Sophia Koslowski (​)​.
    Below is a list of graduate programs that past Center for Community Research staff/volunteers have attended:

    Clinical Psychology PhD Programs
    Arizona State University
    Bowling Green State University
    DePaul University
    Finch Medical School
    Florida State University
    George Washington University
    Illinois Institute of Technology
    Jackson State University
    Loyola University
    Marquette University
    Michigan State University
    Northern Illinois University
    Northwestern University
    Oklahoma State University
    University of Alaska-Fairbanks
    University of Cincinnati
    University of Georgia
    University of Hawaii-Manoa
    University of Illinois at Chicago
    University of Kansas
    University of Massachusetts
    University of Miami
    University of Missouri
    University of Missouri- St. Louis
    University of North Texas
    University of Pittsburgh
    University of Vermont
    Virginia Commonwealth University
    Wayne State University
    Wichita State University

    Other PhD Programs:
    Angelo State University, Industrial Organizational Psychology
    Arizona State University, Social and Community Psychology
    Boston College, Developmental Psychobiology
    Bowling Green State University, Industrial Organizational Psychology
    City University of New York, Quantitative Psychology
    DePaul University, Clinical-Community
    DePaul University, Community Psychology
    El Paso University, Legal Psychology
    Florida International University, Educational Psychology
    Georgia State University, Community Psychology
    Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis, Cognitive Psychology
    Loyola University, Counseling Psychology
    Loyola University, Developmental Psychology
    Loyola University, School Psychology
    Michigan State University, Community Psychology
    Michigan State University, Educational/School Psychology
    National Lewis University, Community Psychology
    New York University, Community Psychology
    North Carolina State University, Community Psychology
    North Carolina State University, School Psychology
    Portland State University, Social and Personality Psychology
    Texas A&M University, Counseling Psychology
    Texas Technical University, Community Development
    Texas Women's University, Women's Studies
    University of California-Berkeley, School Psychology
    University of Chicago, Developmental Psychology
    University of Chicago, Social Service Administration
    University of Hawaii-Manoa, Social Psychology
    University of Illinois-Champaign, Community Psychology
    University of Illinois-Chicago, Counseling Psychology
    University of Kansas, Clinical Rehabilitation Psychology
    University of Maryland, Behavioral and Community Health
    University of Maryland, Developmental and Educational Psychology
    University of Massachusetts, Social Psychology Program
    University of Michigan, Psychology in the Public Interest
    University of Missouri, Department of Human Development
    University of Wisconsin, Industrial Organizational Psychology
    University of Wisconsin-Madison, Human Developmental and Family Studies
    Vanderbilt University, Community Psychology
    Virginia Commonwealth University, Counseling Psychology
    Wayne State University, Personality and Social Contexts
    Wichita State University, Community Psychology

    Clinical Psychology PsyD Programs
    Adler Institute
    Illinois School of Professional Psychology
    Roosevelt University
    Rutgers University
    The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

    Master's Programs
    Alder School of Professional Psychology, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
    Alder School of Professional Psychology, Health Education
    Arizona State University, Social Work
    Benedictine University, Counseling
    Chicago School for Professional Psychology, Clinical-Counseling
    DePaul University, Gerontology Psychology
    DePaul University, Physician Assistant Program
    Elmhurst College, Industrial Organizational Psychology
    John Jay, Department of Education
    Loyola University, Community Counseling
    Loyola University, Criminal Justice
    Loyola University, Marriage and Family Therapy
    Marquette University, Clinical Psychology
    Midwest Center for the Study of Oriental Medicine, Nursing
    Midwestern University, Public Health
    National Lewis University, Industrial-Organizational
    Northwestern University, Counseling Psychology
    Northwestern University, Forensic Psychology
    Northwestern University, Marriage and Family Therapy
    Paris Descartes University, Psychology and Economics
    Penn State University, Human Resources and Employment Relations
    Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, Clinical Psychology
    Tiffin University, General Psychology
    Tufts University, Animals and Public Policy
    University of Chicago, Social Service Administration
    University of Connecticut, Masters Public Service
    University of Denver, Counseling Psychology
    University of Florida, Health Psychology
    University of Illinois at Chicago, Criminal Justice
    University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, School Psychology Program
    University of Minnesota, Social Sciences
    University of North Carolina-Greensboro, Social Work
    University of Northern Colorado, School Psychology
    University of Oregon, Community and Regional Planning
    University of Pittsburgh, Social Work
    Washington University, Social Work
    Xavier University, Integrated Marketing Communications Program

    Specialist Programs
    Illinois State University School Psychology
    Loyola University School Psychology