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BESSC Course Sequencing

BESSC courses are taken concurrently with those in the Speech Language Pathology (MS) degree program. The table below shows the usual sequencing of courses in the BESSC program. The actual scheduling of courses is subject to change.

Year Term Course Title
1 Autumn SLP 465
Cultural Responsiveness in Bilingual SLP​
1 Winter SLP 462 Assessment and Intervention of Young Bilingual Children with Communication Disorders
1 Spring SLP 461 Professionalism & Advocacy in Biling SLP​
1 Summer SLP 464 Assessment and Intervention of Bilingual Adults with Communication Disorders
2 Autumn SLP 460 Research to Practice in Bilingual SLP
SLP 465​ Cultural Responsiveness in Bilingual SLP​
2 Winter BBE 550​
Speech Language Pathology and the Bilingual Learner Experience​