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Degree Requirements

The degree requirements on this page are pulled directly from the University Catalog, the official repository of program curricula.

Please note that the content below reflects the core course requirements for the MS portion of the RN to MS program. Where applicable, students should also consult the BS requirements, including Liberal Studies, as well as the requirements for the Certificate in either Nursing Education or Nursing Administration.

​Course Requirements

​Courses Double-Counted as Undergraduate and Graduate Credit

The non-nursing baccalaureate ADN student does not need to complete the BS in nursing but takes three undergraduate bridge courses (NSG 330, NSG 376, and NSG 377) to meet AACN Essentials of the Baccalaureate prepared Nurse before progressing to the graduate degree portion of the program. The BSN prepared nurse immediately begins in the graduate portion of the program.

Undergraduate Requirements

Where applicable, students must also complete the Baccalaureate requirements, including any Liberal Studies​ requirements​ not already met.

Track Requirements

​Students must also complete the requirements from one of the following tracks: Nursing Administration or Nursing Education.  A student may complete a maximum of one track.


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