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Degree Requirements

Course Requirements

Doctoral Core (38 credit hours)

Concentration Requirements

In addition to the Doctoral Core requirements, students must complete the track requirements for their one designated concentration track.

Other Requirements

DNP Project

Students will be required to complete a DNP Project which represents the cumulating work for their DNP program. The project is expected to be a tangible academic product that reflects the student’s educational experiences and should be evaluated by an academic committee. The DNP Project for the DePaul DNP students (NSG 600NSG 601, and NSG 602) will include: 1) a needs assessment of an aggregate population, APN practice setting, healthcare institution policies, or healthcare delivery models using an Evidence Based Practice approach; 2) development and implementation of a research project to improve the health of a population, change practice, influence health policy, or revise healthcare delivery models; 3) evaluation of the program; and 4) a publishable quality manuscript and a formal oral presentation will be presented to the student's DNP Committee for approval. A poster representing the DNP Project will be produced by the student for presentation at the Grace Peterson Research Colloquium.


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