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Internships and Study Abroad

Study Abroad

DePaul University offers students global engagement opportunities in the form of two study abroad options:

  • Long-term programs for the length of a quarter or more.
  • Short-term programs for the length of one to three weeks that involves traveling during winter, spring, or summer breaks.

To find out more about Neuroscience study abroad opportunities in Scandinavia visit

To learn about study abroad, attend a 30-minute session of “Study Abroad 101” any day during regular quarter sessions, or by appointment during intercessions. Email for scheduling and for more information visit


At DePaul you can earn credit for your job or internship and fulfill your Experiential Learning requirement. To enroll in one of the University Internship Programs (UIP), visit​ to read about the offerings. This program connects you with employers to gain work experience, explore various career options, and establish a network of contacts and references.

After completion of the UIP Internship Online Proposal Form (, you will attend UIP orientation ( and go from there.

Here is a searchable list of paid internships from the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR):

For information about other internships in neuroscience: