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Program Graduate Academic Student Handbook

Program Graduate Academic Student Handbook

​Academic Probation

A student will be placed on academic probation at the time when his/her cumulative GPA falls below 2.50.

Academic Dismissal

A student may be academically dismissed under one or more of the following violations of satisfactory progress:

  1. student's cumulative GPA only for the first twelve completed credit hours after being placed on academic probation is below 2.50.
  2. student's cumulative GPA after completing the first 24 credit hours after being placed on academic probation is below 2.50.
  3. lack of timely progress toward degree completion, including both coursework and comprehensive exams.
  4. failing comprehensive exams twice.

Conditional Admission

Applicants who have not yet completed one or more of the listed prerequisites may be admitted on a conditional basis while they complete the prerequisites at DePaul as undergraduate non-degree seeking students.


The same readmission standards outlined in the Graduate Student Handbook and approval of the program director are observed for students in these programs.

Transfer Credit

A maximum of twelve quarter hours may be accepted as transfer credit upon approval of the student's program director and the associate dean for graduate studies. Credit will only be transferred for courses that have equivalents to courses offered in DePaul’s graduate program as determined by the program director and provided they did not count toward the completion of another degree at DePaul or another institution.

Undergraduate Courses

No undergraduate courses shall count toward the graduate degree.

Graduation Requirements

Requirements include, but are not limited to, twelve graduate courses (48 credit hours) at a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50, and passing two comprehensive examinations in Algebra and Analysis.  

Graduation with Distinction

A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.70 for coursework applied toward the pure mathematics degree and high performance on the comprehensive examinations - as determined by the Mathematical Sciences department - are required for graduation with distinction.

Time Limitation

The degree is expected to be completed in a maximum of six years.​​​​

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